Guided tour: Stories and anecdotes of Santiago

A DIFFERENT WAY TO DISCOVER THE CITY: Do you want to know Santiago in an original and enjoyable way? This is definitely your visit. A perfect tour for those who want to discover the ins and outs of the city in a different way. Ideal for families!

Comic strips and curiosities of Santiago

Details of the visit

  • Duration: 1h 30min (Approx).
  • Language: 🇪🇸 🇬🇧 
  • Price: 15 € per person (consult minimum number of participants)
  • Meeting point: in front of the Tourist Office. Rúa do Vilar 63
  • Time: 17h (flexibility)

Description of the visit

We will guide you through the most iconic places of Santiago and you will discover stories and curious things such as:

- The origin of the scallop shell and its meaning.

- Tic-tac-toe game boards "hidden" throughout the historic center - there are more than 160 of them!

We will see the square where people were executed in the Middle Ages, an image of a pregnant Virgin, representations of fantastic creatures... and much more!

*** Price of the visit: Contact us for more information!

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