Tours in Galicia: Other important cities

Check now our variety of guided tours in Galicia: we have a visit prepared for you to get to know deeply each of the cities of Galicia. Make the most of your experience and make your trip to Galicia unique. Ask for information without obligation.
Tours in galicia

Our catalog of guided tours in Galicia


Guided tour of Pontevedra

Get to know one of the most surprising cities in Galicia. Its narrow streets, arcades and squares will take you back to the Middle Ages. 


Guided tour of Ourense

Discover a place with an enviable historical heritage and where you can still feel the Roman past.


Guided tour of Lugo

Get to know a charming old town next to two World Heritage monuments: the best preserved Roman wall in Spain and the Cathedral of Lugo.


Guided tour of Vigo

A city where you can still feel a marked seafaring origin and that offers some of the most beautiful landscapes of Galicia.


Guided tour of Ferrol

A city full of vitality and active commerce. Enjoy a great collection of modernist styles in its houses, theaters, gardens...

Tours in Galicia: Why choose us?

Art Historians and Official Guides

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Discover the artistic and historical heritage of each city in Galicia with detailed and entertaining explanations.

Time Flexibility

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We adapt to your schedule so you can make your tour in Galicia. Consult us your preferences as soon as possible

30 years of experience

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Discovering Galicia to our visitors since 1992 with the same passion as the first day.

Several languages

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Do you want to do your tour in a different language? Check availability in each of them

How to choose your tour in Galicia?

If this is the first time you visit Galicia and you still don't know which city to visit, we leave you a small summary of the attractions that you will find in each city: 

- Pontevedra will transport you to the Middle Ages with its narrow streets and arcades. 

- In Ourense you can enjoy a historic center full of charming places and spectacular views.

- Lugo has two monuments declared World Heritage Sites and a different charm.

- Vigo is one of the cities with the best landscapes in Galicia.

- Ferrol will surprise you with its vitality and modernist styles.

In our tours around Galicia you can discover the secrets of each city. We are waiting for you.

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